Collaborative Visioning of the Fairlee Town Forest

This site is intended to provide a collaborative work platform for all those involved in discussions and planning the future of the Forest. The map can be used as a starting point for discussions, including identifying and prioritizing trail and water quality issues, proposed uses, access points, and for building consensus and addressing these issues. Click here for map.

Functionality in the map environment (tools from left to right):

  • Zoom in and out, and use the mouse to pan (move around)
  • Legend - you can turn the legend on or off
  • Layers - you can turn various layers on or off, such as to close a trail
  • Info - about the map
  • Basemap - you can change the basemap to see imagery, topo, etc.
  • Draw - you can draw on the map or add arrows, text, shapes, etc.
  • Measurement tool - measure distance or area in various units
  • Share - share your drawings and annotations with others
  • Add data - can add your own gps or kml data, or other online data.
  • Print - can save your changed map with annotations and titles etc. to a pdf or other file type (does not save permanently in the map).
  • Click on a trail or point to find out more about it.